Register For Retreats

Some retreats  require a completed Registration Form along with payment. To make it easier, you may click here for our printable Registration Form for these retreats .

General Retreat Information

Friday Arrival:

Your teacher will decide your arrival time.

BRING WARM CLOTHES. As soon as the sun goes down, these mountains are COLD.


Breakfast – Self serve breakfast whenever you want it (yogurt, cereal, homemade breads and jams, peanut and almond butters, fruit, coffee, teas) AM Yoga

Lunch – Noonish. Rest and Play time. PM Yoga.

Dinner – Time TBD Cocktails at your leisure. BYOB


Breakfast – Self serve at your leisure. AM Yoga.

Country Brunch – After class

Departure: 2 pm-ish. Any later and you will be assigned yard work or house chores.

Weekly Community Class at Heathen Hill!

All Levels are Welcome. Community Class   Sunday 3pm – 4:15  $20