The organic garden provides as many seasonal ingredients as possible. Our Catskill growing season is short but once Lip’s brother, Jim, created the raised beds and the squash patch, it’s been going like gangbusters.

Lip was doing all the cooking for the first few years. (Those of you who have been here since the beginning will remember the relentless quiche…) Her favorite is the Sunday Brunch: blueberry pancakes,  Catskill Mountain maple syrup, scrambled eggs (fresh from the HH hens), and BACON. This is the only meat served during retreats. How can you have pancakes without bacon?!

In 2012 the Garden Gods smiled and sent back Lisa King from Asheville, N.C. After a three year absence it is HEAVEN to have her back in both the garden and the kitchen.

Since I lost my sense of smell and taste in December ’09 it is a good thing someone is on board to check the work and save you from any major disasters. Lisa is too nice to say, “ARE YOU KIDDING??” and so far, she hasn’t had to do so. We are a well-oiled machine and I am so grateful she is once again living at Heathen Hill.