Tour of Heathen Hill Guest House and Retreat Center

Heathen Hill is a place where anyone can relax-as you can see by the photos. Be sure to click on any of the photos for a larger version.

Heathen Hill is an intimate retreat center well off the beaten track. Between the towns of Franklin and Walton in Delaware County, a mile up a dirt road, it sits on 10 secluded acres.

Susan “Lip’ Orem bought the property in 2003. Yoga retreats started that summer and are still the heart of the Heathen Hill calendar.

In 2006, my friend Jeremy said “I want to rent the Yoga House. For myself. I want to be in the country with no clocks, no TV, no schedule.” WOW! What a concept! So, now we’ve started offering all of HH or just a room for private rental on AirBnB.  That means you cook for yourselves.  If you want the fine kitchen of Lip and Lisa, contact us directly.

In October 2008 Heathen Hill hosted its first wedding. It could not have been more beautiful. We learned HH will easily accommodate 60 people for a party.

All groups are welcome. If you need space to meditate , dance, drum or get married, the Yoga Room is yours for the asking. If your activity can take place outdoors, we’ve got a 10 acre playground.

January 2015 saw the inauguration of  BIG HEATHEN HOUSE which  replaced the old trailer and the campground. (The campground is still there including the out house.  But now you have to bring your own equipment.) Two rooms in Big Heathen have private baths.   And finally guests will have their own large living room with wood burning stove so when Lip says ”Get out of my house,” there is someplace  where everyone can go to hang out.

Looking forward to having you at Heathen Hill.