GENNY KAPULER August 9th-11th, 2019


Arrival: Friday afternoon. Post-travel grounding asana 5-7pm. Hot tub. Sangria. Dinner at 8pm

Saturday morning: Pranayama then asana. Lunch outdoors, weather permitting. Afternoon class. Cocktail hour (BYOB) and dinner.

Sunday morning pranayama and asana, Country brunch. On the road.

About Genny

Genny Kapuler has studied yoga since 1976 and has been teaching since 1980. She has studied three times in India with the Iyengar family. Her primary teacher here is Mary Dunn.

Before the birth of her child and before she began teaching yoga, Genny performed as a modern dancer; for many years she had her own company. She is also trained as an Alexander-technique teacher and is a practitioner of Body-Mind Centering.

In addition to her yoga training, Genny has studied anatomy extensively.

She applies this knowledge to her understanding and teaching of yoga, directing her students toward a deeper awareness in asana and pranayama through precision of alignment. Genny also uses the poetics of language to guide her students, and to create “a mind-state in the room that is gentle and focused.”

Through Iyengar Yoga, she says, students attain ever more precise alignment of the skeletal-muscular, organ, and nervous systems. Working towards harmony of body, mind, and spirit, they are able to move out into the world with more grace.


Double pp: $595.00
Single: $985.00

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