MARKELLA LOS Sept 20 – 22

What to expect:

Four full practices: a playful blend of movement, mobility and yoga postures, self-massage with therapy balls and deeply restorative relaxation. All levels and abilities welcome.

A rad group of people. And plenty of space to explore alone, too.

The stunning beauty of the Catskills as seen from hammock or hot tub.

Seasonal, garden-to-table food so delicious and fulfilling you won’t even realize it’s both healthy and vegetarian.

Pricing starts at $550.

Visit for additional information on registration, accommodation options and schedule.

About Markella:

Markella is a yoga and movement teacher based in Brooklyn, NY.

She is passionate about helping people move better and feel better while doing the practice they love and, more importantly, in their daily lives. Her teaching style is grounded, light-hearted, and rooted in exploration and resilience.

Markella is certified in the YogaWorks, Yoga Tune Up® and Trauma-Conscious Yoga methods and as a FRCm Mobility Specialist. She has additional training in anatomy, kinesiology and restorative yoga.