March 17-19, 2017 – Heights Meditation of Northern Manhattan Late Winter Retreat: ‘Going Forth–Bringing Meditation into your Everyday Life’

Most people who meditate do so fitfully and sporadically. Our overarching theme at this first retreat will be “Going Forth–Incorporating Your Pracitice into Daily Life.” The March 2017 retreat will approach the challenge of living a conscious and animated life from differing but complementary perspectives. Laurel Beversdorf, Gentle Motion Teacher, will be along to keep your body moving gently all three days. You should expect to return home having found abundant and good reason why meditation–the dharmmic practice of calming the mind in order to calm the body–will become an essential part of your good and conscious life, replete with physical and emotional well-being.

Many who attended our previous retreat in February 2016 have attested to the power of a Heights Meditation retreat. For this reason, we suggest you register early. As of 1-21-2017 half the beds are booked for this first retreat. Food and lodging costs for this three day retreat have been set at $415/person (travel costs are separate). Lodgings at Heathen Hill Retreat Center are clean, simple and exquisite, and the food and the company you will keep when among us will be exemplary. Please write to and inquire now if you are interested in more details about attending or would like to register using the online registration form.