September 16-18, 2016 – Finding Your Footing with Sangeeta Vallabhan


Finding your footing

Break away from the endless list of things to do and social media feeds that tell us what we should be doing and how we need to feel. Practice with the intention of grounding and feeling open and receptive. Tune out: get quiet, unwind – and listen. Tune in: address yourself, your needs and wants. Practice to feel good and whole, to feel like yourself. Join NYC based teacher Sangeeta Vallabhan for a long weekend of practice and play.

About Sangeeta

Sangeeta Vallabhan has been teaching yoga in NYC for over 12 years. Sangeeta teaches vinyasa style classes that are challenging and well balanced, grounding and empowering. Sangeeta has studied with many teachers over the years, the most notable being Sharon Gannon, David Life, Gurmukh and Schuyler Grant. She has also been featured in Yoga Journal. As the creator of solemarch, she encourages students to use the practices of yoga to continually seek out their own voice, their true sense of self and to not feel the need to conform to any one method or philosophy. We are all unique and complex – and it’s natural to deduce our yoga practice would be as well. For more info on Sangeeta, please visit


6:30 Restorative & meditation
8pm Dinner (byob)

7-9 Breakfast
9:30-12pm Class
12:30 Lunch
6-7pm Restorative & meditation
7:30pm Dinner (byob)

7-9 Breakfast
9:30-12pm Class
12:30pm Brunch


Shared occupancy starts at $465
Single occupancy starts at $560


Contact Sangeeta for pricing and availability at