1. Can I get to Heathen Hill by public transportation?

    There is a bus to Oneonta on Adirondack / Trailways 607 432 6221
    In Oneonta you can call a car service, ABC TAXI, 607 437 5267

  2. Will my cell phone work at Heathen Hill? No. You will get service during the trip up AS FAR AS ROSCOE on Rt. 17. Then, there will be pockets: in Walton, Oneonta, and at the top of Heathen Hill near Naomi’s driveway.
  3. How long a trip is it? Lip makes it in three hours from the Lower East Side, but she travels on Thursday night. Most guests say four hours with a stop for food.
  4. May I bring my children? No.
  5. May I bring my dog? No.
  6. Where is the liquor store? Walton is 9 miles away. Oneonta is 15 miles away. Both have liquor stores. Don’t panic.
  7. Is there internet access at Heathen Hill? No. But you can sit on the steps of the Franklin Free Library ( 3 miles away). They have Wi-Fi.
  8. Why am I sneezing? There are two cats in residence in the Plum House. Bring your antihistamines. ( Cats are not allowed in Yoga House or Big Heathen House).
  9. Do I need to bring linens or towels? Everyone should bring their beach towel.